About Us

Music can touch the soul like nothing else. Take a movie for example. It’s more than likely that without the accompanying music the movie would not nearly have had the same impact…

Unfortunately, we don’t live in the movies, and when it comes to your Wedding Day there is no second chance. EVERYONE has a story about “That DJ” who RUINED a Wedding and it doesn’t need to be this way!

From the moment your family and friends arrive at the Ceremony you want to build on thepre-wedding anticipation, carrying and adding to this energy through to the moment your guests leave your Reception having experienced that feeling of ‘WOW!’

You want your guests to be talking about your Wedding long after it has finished, deserved of the attention of a dedicated Wedding Professional; not a cheap off-sider. Do you really want to go to all the effort of setting up a PA on your wedding day only for your guests to take free-reign of the IPod all night?

From the PA System for your Ceremony, to Live Entertainment, as well as Special FX, and the ultimate experience in Music Planning for your Reception, I can help you!I go above and beyond to co-ordinate transitions with photographers & videographers, and/or your chosen MC to ensure a seamless experience for you and your guests; allowing you to fully enjoy the experience and take in all that is your Wedding!

As an experienced Audio Engineer and Event Promoter I know exactly what is required to run your special day and go out of my way to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. My skills as a Musician and Performer allow me to create the most memorable experiences tailored specifically for you and your guests.

I am here for YOU every step of the way so you can TRUST that I WILL accommodate all requests big or small! Chat with me now so we can talk about making your Wedding especially memorable.

Please get in touch now on Facebook Messenger or via the link listed below.www.WoodenBowTieEntertainment.com/Contact/ I look forward to hearing more about your Wedding!

Wooden Bow Tie Entertainment – ‘Turning Music Into Memories’